Monday, October 8, 2012

Fall Break

First day of Fall Break:

Kind of a dreary, rainy morning, huh?

Those droopy sunflowers in the background say it best. Time for pumpkin scones! From Money Saving Mom's suggestion I used the recipe from Sweet Pea's Kitchen: When it was time to make the glaze we found we are out of powdered sugar. Lexi was very sad but they were very good anyway. This is breakfast, not dessert, right? This was all that was left after just four of us dug in and later Zachary ended up eating another:

So, a couple left for Millie (who did not feel like eating at all) or maybe some for snack. I'd call these a success. 

Money Saving Mom posted these as part of a successful freezer cooking session:

I hope to be making more pumpkin recipes this week-a mix of old favorites and new recipes. 

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