Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I'd rather be gardening

Mondays are pretty busy for me so I was not sure I would be doing anything for the Kid's Clothing Week Challenge. However, there's always going to be something else to do (part of the point of the challenge) so I buckled down and attempted to get something done. I decided to start with Oliver + S's Popover Sundress pattern. There are a few things I want to change and The Haley Dress tutorial will help with that. I was going to use that tutorial and not the popover pattern but I would have had to draft my own pattern.

The Popover is a free pattern in a pdf. I opted not to print the instructions-that's what laptops are for! I noted that the pattern needs to be printed in landscape at 100%, tested a sheet, then got to work. After cutting out all the pieces and taping them together (it prints on 8.5 x 11 paper) the last piece (actually, the first I printed) did not fit! This is when I realized two things: 1. After the test sheet the rest of the sheets did not print at the correct size and 2. I cut Millie's pattern in size 5, not 6! Definitely time for bed-and it was only 10:00! I tried to comfort myself with the fact it was just the paper and not the fabric-or worse, the whole dress! Checking the Oliver + S forums someone did just that; made a tiny dress. I went to bed with plans to try again in the morning while the girls would be gone.

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